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10" Skillet by Sardel

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Your go-to pan, perfect for stir-frying, sautéing, and searing. The stainless steel construction allows the pan to get piping hot (while the handles stay cool) so you can get that expertly seared steak or crispy-skinned salmon. The shallow, slanted sides make it easy to stir, toss, and flip ingredients so your meals are always cooked quickly and evenly. This versatile pan is great for simplifying your everyday cooking needs. At 10 inches, this size is great for smaller tasks and everyday cooking needs.


Steel, Aluminum

Why We Love It

The quality. This cookware is built to last a lifetime. Cookware you can keep means fewer emissions, fewer resources, and fewer pots and pans in landfills. Plus, it's chemical-free and induction stove compatible!


Over 1.3 million non stick pans end up landfills each year. That's tons of cookware!

Get something that will stay in your kitchen (and out of the landfill) instead.

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