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Blue Re-usable Straws by ASOBU®

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Let’s save the planet one straw at a time! More than 500 million plastic straws are used every day in U.S and most a thrown away with in minutes of being used. This poses a real danger to our wildlife. Using reusable straws are no question a lot better for the environment and the Asobu blue reusable straw solution. Made with stainless steel and a bendable silicone section this straw is perfect for any drink or beverage. Created with all lifestyles in mind the straw comes apart for easy cleaning and storage. Complete with a convenient flexible silicone holder that fits easily in any bag or pocket so you’ve got no more excuses for using reusable straws. At Asobu we care deeply for the environment so for each of the reusable straws sold we will donate 10% of our profit to assist others in cleaning up our oceans and saving sea life!!

Item Measurements - 0.75"L X 0.75"W X 5.75"H


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Our goal is to one day own every aspect of the shipping process to ensure it is done with the least packaging and lowest emissions possible. But until we do, we sometimes rely on our vendors to manage the specifics. This shipping is handled by ASOBU®