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Cocoa Butter Wafers, Raw & Organic 16oz case of 6 by Wild Foods

Cocoa Butter Wafers, Raw & Organic 16oz case of 6 by Wild Foods

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  • Fulfilled by our friends at Wild Foods

    Wild Cocoa Butter Wafers are Raw, Organically Grown, Unrefined, Non-Deodorized, Food Grade, and Certified Fair Trade Cacao Butter from small family farmers!

    They blend easily and melt wonderfully for inclusion in your favorite recipes, smoothies, shakes, and coffee!

    Cocoa butter is also great for DIY skincare creams, lotions, soaps, and hair products. Rub a little into your hands and feel the moisturizing effect! Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats in the world!

    • Naturally rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, making it a wonderful skincare product as well as wildly good for you to eat! Non-deodorized, Unrefined, Raw, Pure, Food Grade, and not mass-produced and harvested the way most of the "cheaper" brands are.

    • A MULTITUDE OF USES! Perfect for homemade Soap, Lotion, Body Butter, Lip Balm, Baking, Cooking, Smoothies, Shakes, Chocolate Making, Acne, Hair products, Dry skin, Eczema, Itchy skin and scalp, Sunburn, and more!

    • Wild Cocoa Butter should be a staple in the Wild pantry. You can cook with it, add it to your shakes, smoothies, and coffee recipes, and it serves as a wonderfully useful external skincare product!

    • Wild Cocoa Butter is cold processed, which uses a slow mechanical pressing process to control temperature and keep product integrity intact.

    Ingredients: 100% raw organic cocoa butter

    Please Note - this natural product is subject to potential melting during warm weather months. If it is the Summer season or you live in a warm climate, it is possible these may arrive melted. They are still completely usable and totally delicious! They can be shaved, chopped into pieces, or remelted for use.

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