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Dental Floss, Bamboo-Charcoal by Primal Life Organics

Dental Floss, Bamboo-Charcoal by Primal Life Organics

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  • Fulfilled by our friends at Primal Life Organics #1 Best Natural Dental Care


    Flossing that makes YOU and your teeth feel good!

    Gone are the days of struggling with fluoride and toxic tangled string that breaks or gets stuck between your teeth.

    The Primal Life's Bamboo Dental Floss Picks are not only made of plant based materials and eco-friendly, they are infused with detoxifying charcoal and cleansing mint for cleaner and fresher teeth and gums!

    Flip it over and the cornstarch handle doubles as a pick! You can love knowing it’s eco-friendly, infused with charcoal, and healthy for your gums - and it’s super easy for your kids to floss their own teeth!

    Take the Primal Life Organics Dental Floss Picks with you wherever you go. Easy to carry in your purse or pockets!


    • Love at first floss
    • Get “tween” teeth without a struggle!
    • You Only Have To Floss The Teeth You WANT To Keep...
    • Pocket size and stylish
    • A clean mouth, happy teeth, and healthy gums!


    What We Left Out: Artificial flavors, Artificial Sweeteners, Parabens, SLS, and PFAS. *Cruelty-free, 30 Floss Picks are included in each box.


    We recommend alternating flossing BEFORE and AFTER you brush. Flossing before you brush will remove plaque and tartar from between the teeth and you will brush it away. Flossing AFTER you brush will carry the minerals from your toothpowder between your teeth and help strengthen the enamel.

    Directions for Flossing:

    • Gently guide the flosser between the gum and the tooth.
    • Use a “C” shaped motion to clean above and below the gum line.
    • Remove floss and repeat on each tooth.
    • Rinse flosser as needed.

    Directions for Toothpick:

    • Place tip of pick between teeth and gum line.
    • Use a gentle in and out motion to remove plaque and food particles.
    • Repeat motion and rinse flosser as needed. 


    Light Natural Mint Oil

    Charcoal Bamboo (floss)

    Corn Starch (plant-based handle)

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