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The Rotten Fruit Box

Organic Lime & Coconut Bars

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🪴Compostable 🐝 Organic 🥦 Vegan

Enjoy the light and refreshing taste of the Organic Lime & Coconut Bar (30 grams per bar). Featuring organic lime and coconut, this bar has a unique, delicious flavor you're sure to love.


Almonds*, dates*, coconut*, lime* and rice flakes*

(*) Sourced from organic farming

Why We Love It

The Rotten Fruit Box has a great model. They work with small, local farmers and buy fruits those farmers can't sell. Food that would otherwise fall on the ground and just rot gets freeze dried instead (without sugars or preservatives) and sold to you as a delicious snack!


~33% of all food in the U.S. – 78 million tons each year – goes to waste. Using fruit that would otherwise end up in the trash cuts that waste off at the source.

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