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Poseidon Jogger by Seaav

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💧Biodegradable (Packaging) ⬆️ Upcycled

The Poseidon Jogger is designed for travel and adventure. This will be your new go to travel-day pant. Stylish to wear out, comfy for staying in. Featuring a drawstring waistband and open side pockets for an extra comfy feel. Features a 29" inseam, two side pockets, and a drawstring low-rise waistband.


Made using post-consumer recycled plastic — 80% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and 20% spandex.

Why We Love It

Post Consumer Plastic: 30 post-consumer water bottles were diverted from landfills and spun into this shirt.

Made with recycled polyester, which reduces emissions by 75%, water use by 90%, and energy use by 50% compare to making it new.

Donating to Coral Reefs: 1% of Seav's profits go to We The Reef.


Over 52 million tonnes of polyester garments are produced every year. Polyester is the main driver of microfiber pollution. Studies suggest synthetic textiles, largely polyester, contribute between 16% and 40% of global microplastic pollution entering the oceans.

Recycled polyester breathes new life into plastic waste, diverting used plastic bottles from landfills and transforming them into clothes. This not only reduces reliance on virgin plastic but also cuts down on energy consumption during production, reducing emissions by ~75%, water use by ~90%, and energy use by ~50%

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