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Seal Blue Towel Set - Bath Towel, Hand Towel, and Wash Cloth by Laguna Beach Textile Company

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Fulfilled by our friends at Laguna Beach Textile Company

Resort-style luxury, at home. Made of premium, American-grown Supima cotton, our new bath towels are thicker and softer than the average. We use a zero-twist thread and 730 GSM of extra long staple cotton, making them softer, more durable when washing, and highly absorbent. 

Why are these towels so special? Most yarn fibers used in towels are twisted to keep the shorter yarns together, but the long-staple yarn (powered by the super strong Supima cotton fibers) don’t need the twisting to hold them together. Instead, cotton fibers are exposed, which greatly increases the absorbency, softness, and long-term durability. In short, these new bath towels are pretty dreamy. 

1 Face Towel — 12 x 12 inches 

1 Hand Towel — 30 x 20 inches 

1 Bath Towel — 57 x 30 inches

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