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Ashitaba Tea – Liver Support by Dr. Cowan's Garden

Ashitaba Tea – Liver Support by Dr. Cowan's Garden

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  • Dr. Cowan’s Garden Liver Support Ashitaba Tea features Demeter-certified Ashitaba, biodynamically grown by a small family farm in the U.S. The Liver Support blend also includes organic green rooibos tea and organic milk thistle. Quantity: 20 tea bags.

    The chalcones in Ashitaba have their own detoxifying properties but this is accentuated when combined with the well known liver support properties of green Rooibos tea and milk thistle.  In particular, milk thistle supports the first phase of detoxification in which the liver makes the toxins soluble so they can be excreted through the bile. Milk thistle is potent enough to be used in European clinics in cases of acute poisonings. Our liver support tea is best used in conjunction with castor oil packs over the liver to support healthy elimination through the bowels. The suggested use is 1-2 cups per day for a week or so to aid in detoxification.

    We are excited to offer this exclusive line of Ashitaba teas, made with the only domestic, biodynamically grown Ashitaba in the U.S. Ashitaba is arguably the most nutritionally dense superfood plant on earth, with twice the nutrient content of other green vegetables, plus the powerful phytochemical called chalcones, one of only several sources of natural ketones that have been shown to support metabolic function, detoxification, anti-inflammation, longevity and reversal of excessive cell growth. Each Ashitaba tea blend contains a delicious combination of organic plants, spices and herbs to support your health and well-being.

    Note: images depicting loose tea are for illustrative purposes. Our tea tins contain high quality, plant-based, compostable tea bags.

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