Collection: Bath Accessories

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Take A Sustainability Deepdive

Here's a look at some of the things you might find in your bathroom, along with some of the things that make them sustainable:

Sponges and Loofahs: A lot of sponges out there are synthetic, petroleum based, and contribute to microplastic pollution. Instead, opt for natural, sustainably harvested sea sponges or cellulose sponges, made from plants like wood pulp. Loofah's which come from a vine, are also great options! They're all petroleum free and biodegradable.


Natural Bristles: Opt for brushes with bristles made from plant fibers like tampico (agave plant), sisal (agave sisalana), or coconut coir. These are biodegradable and won't contribute to microplastic pollution.

Sustainable Handles: Look for handles crafted from wood like beechwood or bamboo. These are renewable resources and can often be composted at the end of their lifespan (check for any treatments or finishes that might not be compostable).