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Take A Sustainability Deepdive

Deforestation: Coffee is mostly grown in Southeast Asia, Central, and South America. Without the proper safeguards that can mean a lot of deforestation, especially in Brazil, home of the Amazon rainforest and the source of a third world's coffee

Poor Growing Conditions: And the amount of deforestation often depends on how it's grown. Coffee plants can either be shade grown or sun grown, and which one makes a big difference. Growing in the sun, depletes the nutrients soil, so after a while, the growers end up moving on, cutting down more trees to create yet another plantation.

Water Use: Sun-grown coffee also takes a lot more water, up to 170 liters a cup!

Work Conditions: It can also mean very poor working conditions, according to Fairtrade, coffee producers in these countries often receive less than $1 a pound.

Americans drink ~517 million cups of coffee each day, and that number is just expected to increase. By caffeinating consciously, you can make sure it does so ethically.