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Take A Sustainability Deepdive

Traditional soda and flavored beverages are delicious, but they can also make a lot of unnecessary waste. Making your own from concentrates can be a great alternative.

Containers: Mainstream sodas often come in plastic bottles or other containers. Regardless of what they're made of, each drink needs its own one. One bottle of concentrate can make up to 25 sodas (or more depending on how big it is) That means a lot fewer containers.

Lower Emissions: Traditional sodas and drinks come already made, and the main ingredient is water. All that water is weight that needs to be shipped across the country (or world) which means extra gas. With concentrate, the water is added at home, which reduces weight, emissions, and gas.

Natural Ingredients: Traditional sodas made by big companies often contain harmful chemicals. There are lots of concentrates out there made by small business that put in the effort to trace their products, focusing on what's natural, healthy and sustainably sourced.