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Farmer's Market Iced Blend by Beach House Teas

Farmer's Market Iced Blend by Beach House Teas

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  • 🤝🏽 Fair Trade 🐝 Organic 🌊 Plastic Free

    Experience the vibrant essence of a summer afternoon at your local farmer's market with our Farmer's Market Iced Blend. This delightful concoction captures the goodness of the season and brings it right to your glass.

    With the refreshing combination of black tea, peaches, and basil, every sip offers a burst of flavors that will delight your palate and awaken your senses. It's more than just tea; it's a sensory journey that transports you to the heart of a bustling market on a hot summer day.

    Indulge in the magic of Farmer's Market Iced Blend, and let it be your go-to beverage for those sizzling summer afternoons and barbecue gatherings. Whether you're hosting guests or simply looking to cool off, this tea promises to make every glass a taste of summer in all its glory.

    How to steep

    Iced Tea Method
    1/2 oz depending on taste (approximately 5 tsp)

    32 FL OZ
    Pour water over tea in filter

    1-3 HOURS in the sun
    2-4 HOURS in the refrigerator

    Combine in a lidded jar, strain, and enjoy!

    Hot Tea Method
    1 heaping tsp (more or less to taste)

    212° F
    Heat fresh water and pour over tea

    5-6 minutes steeping

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