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Beach House Teas

Fog Horn Grey by Beach House Teas

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🤝🏽 Fair Trade 🐝 Organic 🌊 Plastic Free

Experience a delightful twist on the traditional Earl Grey with our Foghorn Grey Tea, a unique blend that takes this classic to the next level. Crafted with perfect proportions of calming organic Washington Lavender and organic cornflower, it's more than just tea; it's a sensory journey that transports you to the smooth coastal fog of the Pacific Northwest.

With an undertone aroma of oranges and vanilla and a smooth, slightly creamy flavor profile, Foghorn Grey is a cup of comfort and elegance that evokes the serenity of the coastal landscape. Whether you're reminiscing about seaside escapes or seeking a moment of tranquility, this tea promises to make every sip a journey into the misty allure of the coast. Indulge in the magic of Foghorn Grey Tea and discover the essence of coastal serenity, one delightful sip at a time.

How to steep

Scoop loose-leaf tea into infuser

212° F
Heat fresh water

Pour water over tea

5-6 MINS
Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor

Use fresh leaves often


Organic Flowering Orange Pekoe Tea, Organic Pacific Northwest Lavender, Organic Cornflowers, Organic Orange Peel, Bergamot Essential Oil, Pure Extract

Why We Love It

Loose leaf tea is key! Unlike teabags which can contain micro plastics and end up in a landfill, loose leaf tea gives you just the tea, no more, no less. Plus they use organic ingredients! No toxic chemicals allowed


A single teabag can contain 11.6 billion microplastic and 3.1 billion nanoplastic particles.

Skip the bag altogether and go loose leaf instead!

Shipping Information

Our goal is to one day own every aspect of the shipping process to ensure it is done with the least packaging and lowest emissions possible. But until we do, we sometimes rely on our vendors to manage the specifics. This shipping is handled by Beach House Teas.