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Rechargeable Facial Cleansing Brush by BeNat

Rechargeable Facial Cleansing Brush by BeNat

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  • Achieve a radiant and healthy glow with the Facial Cleansing Brush. This revolutionary device provides deep cleansing and exfoliation for a smooth, refreshed, youthful-looking complexion. The brush is made of ultra-hygienic silicone. Its non-porous and quick-drying material prevents bacteria from sticking and transferring to your skin, ensuring ultimate cleanliness.

    The front side silicone brushes gently and effectively remove dirt, oil, makeup, and blackheads, leaving your skin deeply cleansed and smooth. The backside wave-shaped silicone provides a high-frequency massage that helps to exfoliate and stimulate blood flow, resulting in a brighter and firmer complexion. After applying skincare products, the metal part can massage your face and eye skin, allowing optimal absorption of your favorite skincare products.

    The Facial Cleansing Brush suits all skin types, including sensitive ones. It is safe, soft, anti-allergy, and anti-bacterial, with no irritation for daily makeup removal. This amazing product is designed to leave your skin looking brighter, smoother, and more youthful.

    • Deep Cleansing: The front-side silicone brushes help to clean your face and remove blackheads and makeup easily. It is 35x more hygienic than nylon, is nonporous, and quick drying prevents bacteria from sticking and transferring to your skin.
    • High-Frequency Massaging: The backside wave-shaped silicone can massage, exfoliate, stimulate blood flow, and facilitate skincare absorption. It helps remove impurities and works below the skin surface to give you a deep cleanse.
    • Nice-looking and Portable: The Facial Cleansing Brush has a sleek and modern design that is perfect for travel or everyday use. It is easy to use and adjustable to fit different face sizes and skin types. It has three cleansing zones specializing in cleansing different face parts.
    • Waterproof IPX7: The device is fully waterproof, making it easy to use in the shower or bath. It has a high level of waterproofing that protects the device and extends its lifespan.
    • Long Battery Use Life: It can be used for 1 month after being fully charged. The device is rechargeable, and its long battery life ensures you can use it for extended periods without worrying about running out of power.


    Material: Silicone+ABS
    Feature: High-frequency vibration
    Battery Capacity: 250mAh
    Size: 4.2in x 3.2in x 1.2in
    Working Time: 150 mins
    Weight: 3.2oz.
    Included items: Main device, USB charging cable, and operation manual

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