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Take A Sustainability Deepdive

When shopping for ethical chocolate, look out for companies that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, organic, source directly from farmers or are Fair Trade. This chocolate typically stays away from the deforestation and unethical human and child labor that comes with the the more bitter end of the industry.


Sourcing: Three-quarters of the world's chocolate is produced in Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Cameroon

Poverty: The majority of cocoa farmers live on less than $1 a day. An estimated 1.6 million children in Ghana and Ivory Coast are required to work on their family farms.

Deforestation: The Ivory Coast, has lost 80 percent of its forests in the last five decades. Experts estimate that 70% of the country’s illegal deforestation is related to cocoa farming.

Carbon Emissions: This Deforestation, in which swaths of forest are leveled to make room for new cocoa plantations is the source of the majority of emissions from chocolate

Lack of Transparency: 40% of the world’s chocolate is completely untraceable.