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Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper | Mega Rolls, 3 PLY & 350 Sheets

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💧Biodegradable🌳 FSC Certified 🌊 Plastic Free  ♻️ Recyclable Packaging 🔂 Simple Supply Chain

EcoHiny 100% bamboo toilet paper doesn't sacrifice softness for sustainability or strength. This 3-ply eco-friendly toilet paper is free of elemental chlorine (ECF), BPA, ink, and dye, so you don't have to worry about your toilet paper introducing harmful chemicals to your family's sensitive areas.

Hypoallergenic and free of lint, ecoHiny is suitable for all skin types.

  • Premium and plushy with 3 PLY Bamboo strength.
  • Hypoallergenic, BPA free and Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF).
  • Free of artificial fragrance, lint, ink, and dye, making ecoHiny toilet paper suitable for all skin types.
  • Individually wrapped for freshness and on-the-go "goes" like, camping and boating.
  • Flushable and Septic Safe.
  • Sourced from FSC-certified bamboo farms and delivered in plastic-free packaging.
  • Biodegradable, Sustainable, and Recyclable with 100% carbon footprint offset


100% FSC Certified Bamboo

Why We Love It

Made of FSC Certified Bamboo: Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource that can grow up to a foot per day, and serve as a carbon sink. So it doesn't contribute to deforestation

Plastic Free Recyclable Packaging: Unlike traditional TP this one doesn't come packaged in plastic. It's recyclable!

Biodegradable: Once you flush, you don't have to worry this TP Biodegrades!


~27,000 trees are cut down each day to make regular toilet paper. That's 9.8 million trees a year. Cut down on the problem with Bamboo!

Shipping Information

Our goal is to one day own every aspect of the shipping process to ensure it is done with the least packaging and lowest emissions possible. But until we do, we sometimes rely on our vendors to manage the specifics. This shipping is handled by Ecohiny.

Customer Reviews

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Lyudmila Firov

ecoHiny Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper | Mega Rolls, 3 PLY & 350 Sheets


So far I’ve only used one roll so I guess it’s kind of cool that it’s lasted me about half a month. Especially for it being as thick as it is. The last bamboo toilet paper I had was a bit too easy to rip and this one is much sturdier but not rough. It’s not like super soft where it leaves little toilet paper particles stuck to my skin lol (I hate that about the super soft brands) but it’s soft enough to where it’s gentle on my skin. Liking it so far. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna stick to this brand for awhile before I explore others

Ann Moran
Ecohiny great option

The toilet paper is soft, doesn’t fall apart in your hand and is safe for septic systems.


Have't used them yet as I want to use my "old" paper first.

Robyn VZ
Lovee it!

Soft, durable toliet paper that holds up great. Best toliet paper ever! Great investment, love my subscription.