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Happy Earth

Premium-Weight Tee | Calathea Green by Happy Earth

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Fulfilled by our friends at Happy Earth

A striking weave of dark green and light sage. The contrasting tones and distinctive pattern are the likeness of tropical calathea plants. A favorite genus among plant-parents, calathea are characterized by boldly marked leaves with eye-catching stripes and veining.

Thick yet airy, and ultra-soft. A super-high quality short sleeve tee that perfectly balances a premium, heavy-weight with flow and breathability. Thin stripes are meticulously woven throughout the fabric for an elegant and elevated style.

•    Silky smooth, breathable organic cotton
•    Heavyweight 7oz (50% heavier than our jersey tees!)
•    Micro-stripe jacquard knit
•    Chest pocket
•    Straight-hem bottom
•    Relaxed, comfy, all-gender fit


100% Organic Cotton

Why We Love It

Organic Cotton. Grown without pesticides, fertilizers or harmful chemicals. Compared to its conventional counterpart, organic cotton boasts a significantly lower environmental footprint. Studies show that organic cotton cultivation utilizes up to 71% less water and 62% less energy.

No Polyester: recycled or not, polyester is the main driver of microfiber pollution that's damaging ecosystems globally, while this tee doesn't use polyester at all.

Vegan. No animals have been harmed in the making of this tee.

Carbon Neutral. All emissions produced during the creation of this tee have been offset.

Fair Trade: This tee was ethically made in a Fair Trade factory in India with organic cotton that was locally grown, harvested, and dyed with certified non-toxic dyes. The facility employs environmentally conscious practices and complies with all local environmental regulations.

1% for the Planet: As a member, Happy Earth is committed to donating a minimum of 1% of their revenue to charitable organizations through our Tree Planting, Climate Change, and Trash Clean-Up projects.


Did you know that the textile industry is the 2nd largest cause of pollution after oil and gas? Enough textiles are discarded annually to fill a garbage truck every minute. Conventional clothing production guzzles water too, an estimated 2.7 trillion liters per year, which is enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool every single day. And it's responsible for around 10% of global carbon emissions, more than international flights and maritime shipping combined. Shopping sustainable tees can cut down on that!

Shipping Information

Our goal is to one day own every aspect of the shipping process to ensure it is done with the least packaging and lowest emissions possible. But until we do, we sometimes rely on our vendors to manage the specifics. This shipping is handled by Happy Earth.